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Interview with the Chautauquan Daily about the CHAUTAUQUA THEATRE FESTIVAL

Review of NOISES OFF – Chautauqua Theatre

“Maggie Mason is charming as the cool headed Belinda, always in control- her winning stage presence makes her someone to watch in the future.”

Review of OR by Liz Duffy Adams at the Magic Theatre (dir Loretta Greco from SF GATE

“Mason, investing playful joy in every role, is Behn’s snarky-tough Cockney maid and a buoyantly cross-dressing Nell Gwynne, England’s first leading lady of the stage (women hadn’t been allowed to act before) and Charles’ favorite mistress.”

“Keeping track of all the characters played by Maggie Mason is a game in itself.”

Review of OR from Stage And Cinema

“Mason succeeds flawlessly by creating distinguishing characteristics, physically and vocally (her take on the cursing maidservant, Maria, is flat-out uproarious)”

“..a libidinous jailer (Maggie Mason, in the first of four roles)”

“William Davenant’s wife appears, requesting that Behn finish a play by the next morning, but “no titles with ‘or’ in it” (a brilliant monologue delivered by Mason)”

“…we find cross-dressed actress Nell Gwynne (Mason) puffing on a pipe, saying, “Good weed. . . I haven’t been able to afford it since they raised the tax.”

Interview/ Piece by Marissa Bidilla on OR and playwright Liz Duffy Adams

“Maggie Mason was hilarious and captivating in the female roles: saucy actress Nell Gwynne, surly housemaid Maria, and imperious impresario Lady Davenant (whose mile-a-minute monologue was the highlight of the play)”

Reviews of Arms And The Man at Center Repertory Company, CA

“Mason is very fresh—in a way contemporary, without taking the play out of time. There’s no remove: she’s alive and really knows how to handle the joke within the text.”

“Mason softens the edge between her character’s posing and underlying strength… she strikes a perfect balance between Marker’s super straight man portrayal and Marin’s campy lunging and delicious delivery of Shaw’s most ridiculous clever lines.”

“Mason is loaded with personality and imbues the entire production with cheerful enthusiasm…Marker and Mason have an easy, affectionate chemistry that enhances the fairytale charm of the story.”

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